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Hydroponic Newsletter June 2015

Hello again!
We are back and ready to share some fun things we have been learning and doing this past month.

The Bee Farm

The Bee FarmWe all know how important bees our to us.  I never knew this place existed until a trip with my new friend Leah Sinclaire and I stopped through on our way back from a Kelowna road trip. It was a must stop she said and now I see why! During the visit we watched live honey bees busily working behind a glass display performing their amazing bee dance and producing their nutritional products for us which enhance our well being. We took part in some delicious Bee wine tasting along with delicious nutritional honey samples.  I learned more benefits of honey and look forward to returning to learn more.  If you are in that area it is a must visit.    The Honey Revolution – Restoring the Health of Future Generations.  CHECK THEM OUT!

DID YOU KNOW! Mason Bees are our busy friends of the garden. They have the ability to fly at lower temperatures than other bees and relatively easy to care for.  A single female mason bee will visit  nearly 2000 blossoms a day.  ten mason bees will pollinate thousands of blossoms. To increase fruit harvests many people can provide nesting sites and they do not sting they just go about their business even as you closely watch.

Hanging Vegetables Gardens

VegetablesAnother gardening idea! What Veggies can be grown upside down as it might be a solution if you are tight for space and only have a small area. Not a lot but there is a few top picks that are ideal for this way of growing.  Some are Tomatoes although cherry seems to be the easiest and there are a ton of tutorials on line about this.  Cucumbers the slicing or pickled ones but avoid the bush type for doing cucumbers upside down.  Eggplant I never would have thought just opt for the smaller varieties such as egg shaped varieties, miniature and even some slender asian varieties.  Beans and peppers do well as well.  On the top of your upside down garden you can put your lettuce, radishes and various herbs.  Explore and have fun!

Full article here to check out

Garden Slugs & Snail

Garden Slugs and SnailsAs these little creatures who usually do their damage in the evening sure have a big appetite when it comes to young plants as they leave the trail of chewed up leaves. There are many solutions that you may not have thought about and a variety of defenses you can use here are a couple and if you are in the area stop by for more ideas.

– Diatomaceous Earth

The skeletal remains of microscopic creatures that feel like glass to an insect acts as a razor blade. It can be sprinkled as a barrier around plants. It is very uncomfortable for the slugs and usually find their way elsewhere if they have survived the slicing.

-Crushed egg shells is similar to diatomaceous earth with the sharp edges and cause death by dehydration.. 

Check your watering practices as snails like moisture to crawl around so watering early in the day is much better as the slugs come out at night. Mention this newsletter article in the month of July and receive 15% off your purchase of a 1kg size of Diatomaceous Earth.

Canada Day Celebrations!

Have a Jamming Good Canada DayHappy birthday Canada and as Jose and I celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary WOW it has been quite the journey not all rosy though the journey is always learning and growing together.  Now into our next phase as we claim our birth names with minor spelling adjustments our relationship flourishes even stronger with the new vibrations emerging as we speak. I even get to keep Brooklyn which I love and now a lot more organized and less scattery. It amazes me how much more my mind has opened and expanded consciousness awareness of all that is.  I believe Jose and I have spent many lifetimes together and I am sure we are not done yet after this one.  As Jose heads off to the weekend I did a few months ago with Make Your Mark he is in for a real treat.  Myself for Canada Day headed out to the park and spent time with the radio station crew to help entice some more volunteers or maybe someone else who would like to do their own show.  So much fun! Hope you had a wonderful Canada Day Too!

That's all for this month, until next time…

Live Happy, Wealthy and Wise! Smiles your way!

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