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Hydroponics Newsletter August 2015

Hello again!
We are back and ready to share some fun things we have been learning and doing this past month.

Bug's in The Garden

How to spot bugs in your garden

We are always looking for chemical free options to control some of the pests we see in our garden and have them move somewhere else.  A common one is Aphids they are small but can sure damage a plant weakening or destroying your harvest.  All of a sudden your plant has the life sucked out of it as the insect makes your plant their food.  Some tips on control and eradication.  Spray your plants regularly and forcefully enough that the aphids fall off with making sure you rinse the back of those leaves as underneath the leaf can be an infestation without you knowing.  You can also use alcohol with cotton swabs to clean them off. Predators to the Aphids are the Ladybird Beetle and Minute wasps. What I do is plant Alyssum with my peppers and around my plant garden which aphids do not like.  This year none in sight very coool!


Hibiscus Cuttings

Hibiscus Cuttings

The Hibiscus plant is one of my favorite indoor plants and in our clone it system at the store they are ready to be potted up and go to new homes if you know anyone that is interested.  When you care of a hibiscus remembering they love it best in temperatures between 60-90 F. They will not tolerate temperatures if it dips below 32 F.  Once your hibiscus is in the blooming stage it does require more water, they like daily waterings in summer and less water during winter which means only water if it is dry when you feel the soil.

Medical Cannabis

Charlette's Web Book Cover

With having the store now for 14 years the first day being September 11, 2001 it has never been a dull moment.   Helping people being our number one focus especially those dealing with health issues as some say we're not jsut a hydro store we discuss all different subjects that can help an individual move forward and grow.  Cannabis happens to be a tremendous amazing plant and a savour for some and how we have seen lives being turned around. There is still so much to learn and some days it sure can bring tears to your eyes with the stories of recovery from customers and how important it is for them not only to be able to grow their own medicine, but then they know it is clean and healthy. Take a look at Charlottes Web story of a little girl who had her seizures cut right down and more and more stories are coming out. People are waking up and not being subjected to the propaganda and lies. If you haven't seen this yet grab a tissue.


Medical Marijuana

We keep getting asked the question of licensing and what is happening,  It is still in limbo and we are waiting for the next court date and the next election will determine what the next step will be for some medical patients.  I always suggest know your rights and know your laws and how to protect yourself. This is from the Cannabis digest article called know your rights.

  1. Silence you don't have to talk to police or answer their questions except to give your name, birthdate  and address or show them your ID as anything else you can zip your lip.
  2. You can refuse a search of your things.
  3. You may leave unless you are being arrested or detained and then you have the right to know why you are being. detained then ask to speak with your lawyer in private.
  4. Only allowed to be searched by the same sex and in private.
  5. You can get the officer's badge number.
  6. You can report and officer who violates your rights.

This is in the summer issue #45


That's all for this month, until next time…

Live Happy, Wealthy and Wise! Smiles your way!

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