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Hydroponics Newsletter July 2015

Hello again!
We are back and ready to share some fun things we have been learning and doing this past month.

Name Confusion Clarified

Good Vibes

Re: Shelley-Aann – Brooklyne

For those of you who expressed confusion with my recent name changes, my legal full first name is Shelley-Ann. 

April 2014 I consulted with the Kabalarian Philosophy and was advised that Shelley-Ann was considered imbalanced; it was suggested that I try a balanced name and decided to choose Brooklin as my first name. I discovered that using Brooklin brought me better communication skills and a more social, outgoing nature. I loved how Brooklin sounded and how I felt comfortable using that name on my weekly radio show. In using Brooklin, I have experienced an inherent confidence that my birth name did not provide.

May 2015 I met my new numerology mentor, Leah Sinclaire who has studied the work of the Kabalarians and also through years of dedication to this science, has discovered her own methods of name balancing for better destinies. I discovered that I did not need to change my name in order to improve my destiny, I only needed to take my birth name and make some minor spelling adjustments. 

For those friends and family who prefer to call me by my birth name, Shelley-Aann is fine as I’ve re-spelled it so that it maintains a balanced destiny. I like Brooklin and want to keep that name too. Therefore, my full legal name will be Shelley-Aann Brooklyne Demelo. I plan to make this legal name change next year. It has been quite the journey of self discovery and fabulous vibration improvement of energy and beneficial changes over the past year.

You can call me Shelley-Aann or Brooklyne, I like them both!


Re: Al Versus José Martins

When Al arrived to Canada his lengthy Portuguese name, especially his first name, was a barrier for people to pronounce and it was soon decided that it would be easier if he just used a nickname. Since 1986, he has been using the first name of “Al”.

Upon discussion with Leah it became apparent that he would be best served to use his legal name of José Martins Demelo, release the first name he never liked and cease using “Al” all together in order to re-claim his Portuguese heritage through his given legal name and finally be called a name that he resonates with and that he likes.

There you have it! The name changing story of José (pronounced Joe-zay) Martins (Mar-Teens) and Shelley-Aann (Brooklyne) Demelo.


Woofing Around the World

Woofing is something you may be interested in if you love travelling and love gardening.  You can try your hand at a range of jobs on organic farms and gardens while travelling through countries on a tight budget.  The woofing experience brings I have been told is very rewarding.  A whole world of opportunity awaits you.  Every experience shows you a life lesson and is a great social exchange. Be prepared to be inspired by what you learn such as unusual food revolutions or a spiritual exploration, some expected and unexpected  but wonderful adventure to add to your life. Something to think about as you check out other countries and makes a difference. 


Science of Marijuana

Medial Marijuana

Coming out more and more now with medical marijuana use being legal in 23 states and the district of Columbia many states have reduced or even eliminated penalties for recreational use. This helps those seeking for medical help or just a casual high less restrictive. Did You know:

– Cannabis was a mainstay of healers in ancient China, India and Greece. 

– Many parts of the brain have receptors that marijuana reacts positively too

– Hemp crop is a non-psychoactive variety with little THC has tough fiber used for rope, paper and fabric which can last a long time.

– A dose of an oil derived from cannabidoil( CBD), a non psychoactive substance in marijuana.  Some children who used to suffer violent seizures daily are now often seizure free or maybe only have one – three compared too hundreds. There is a strain called Charlotte's web named after a little girl called Charlotte , click the preview below to watch a video of her story.

Medical Marijuana Video

That's all for this month, until next time…

Live Happy, Wealthy and Wise! Smiles your way!

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