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Hydroponics Newsletter November 2015

Hello again!
We are back and ready to share some fun things we have been learning and doing this past month.

Medical Marijuana Conference and Expo

Al Standing in front of the Medical Marijuana Conference and Expo in Vegas

What was happening in Vegas was the Marijuana Conference and Expo that was the 4th annual.  We had just heard about this conference from a flyer that came in the mail with our address and someone else's name on it.  I said it was a must attend for Jose to go and I would hold down the fort.  Well it was the best show he has been to with so much information about what is going on in the marijuana business in the U.S. It still baffles me how we are so behind them.  Only a matter of time for Canada though.  The knowledge and truth about this amazing plant is coming out more and more.  More news showingus about the cannabinoid system.  We have cannabinoid receptors in us and teh cannabis plant has cannabinoids showing us that this plant is meant for our body.  It is another lock and key scenario.  This conference as doubled in attendees in one year with 5600 attendees going in 2015.  I highly recommend this video  among others, all you have to do is google the health benefits of cannabis.  Stop by to get filled in on the latest news



Tear Down

Tear Down


Jose spent a good full 5 days getting some good used equipment and when delivering some of it to the store, as you can see we did get quite the looks down the highway.  The grow star shades look very funky and if you didn't know what they were, you would be saying "uh! What the heck are those"   It was funny to get a call asking " was that you that just past me with all that grow equipment"   We made some customers pretty happy and when you can get a good deal around Christmas time you gotta love it.  Win Win situations is what it is all about and making people happy. ‚Äč




Healing Herbs

Healing Herbs

One of my favorite passions is knowing medicinal properties of the plants we grow and eat.  There are many herbs that we have all around us and can grow easily all year round that have many uses.  Did you know that Sage is a natural insect repellent.  We rarely have an issue with insects with our regular maintenance sprays of Bug B Gone and Seaweed.  Maybe having my sage plant indoors amongst our other house plants is a great hing. . Sage is an anti oxidant and anti inflammatory and can even boost your brain function.  Also can be used for the  digestive, colds and sore throat.   Who knew!  Sage also won the Herb of the year in 2001.  Fresh, dried whole or powdered sage is a wonderful plant to keep all year round.



Foliage Spraying

Foliage Spraying

Speaking of spraying the leaves of your plants as they really love it by the way.  As I mentioned we spray at least once per week  with seaweed and now innovating plant products has come up with Sea Storm which is a combination of Humic and Seaweed. In a previous newsletter we learned about humic health for plants and for us humans.


For  the month December mention this article and receive 10% off any 1L or 4L Sea Storm. product while quantities last and are in stock.   



That's all for this month, until next time…

Live Happy, Wealthy and Wise! Smiles your way!

Jose & Shelley-Aann (Brooklyne)

and the WestCoast Hydroponics team

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