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Hydroponics Newsletter November 2016

Wow, things sure are changing in our industry and we are right here learning and growing along side you.  Enjoy our Fall Newsletter. Drop us a note to let us know how these changes are impacting you.

Cheers Jose' and Brooklin 


West Coast Top 3 Selling Fertilizers

Every day we get questions on what fertilizers to use.  We look at a few things including availability, cost and effectiveness.  We also look at consistency and popularity with our growers.   Here are the top 3 that are sold at WestCoast.

Innovating Plant Products
This Canadian company hands down has the best customer service, top quality products, consistency and results.  Once people try it they stick with it.  Lower price point same great quality.  They have a 5 year track record.

General Hydroponics
At WestCoast we love the reliability of the general hydroponics fertilizers.  Fool proof, 30 years in business, consistency and offers the whole range from organics to powders to 1 part to 3 part. 
Advanced Nutrients
Probably the best known for their flashy packaging. Inside you will find sound reliable proven fertilizer to support any garden.   They were the  first to step out and say they tested their products growing Cannabis we honour them for leading the way.


A whole lot of growing going on

What was the Impact of the August 23rd decision to allow people to grow their own medical marijuana by the Federal Government?  This is what we have noticed:

  • Biggest impact is that there is again a lot of excitement
  • People want to get back in
  • Customers this time don’t want to miss the boat
  • New people are interested in getting a licence
  • Consumers feel safer, especially people with kids and families
  • Impact to WestCoast is that more people are setting up. Sales are picking up especially with  hard goods,  building systems and nutrients.

On the down side some growers are being restricted to lowering the number of plants.  How has this decision impacted you?   Drop by the store and let's talk about it.


LIFT Cannabis Expo

Jose attended this years LIFT Cannabis Expo held  the Vancouver convention centre 17 – 18 September. Unlike other Cannabis Trade Shows this one was open to the Public proving that our industry is becoming more mainstream every year.  Vendors included dispensaries, seed companies, lawyers, doctors  and the Big Licensed  Producers. 
Attending these shows are great for our customers because we  come  back with a lot of valuable information to share with you.   This year there was a focus on new options for seeds.  Networking and building relationships with suppliers help keep WestCoast informed and educated so we can pass that information on to you.

New products and information available on our website.


Feeding the Eagles

Have you ever witnessed an Eagle swooping down to capture a fish?  Jose' did on a late summer day while fishing.  He had caught a fish and  was unable to release it back and instead it made it perfect food for a watching eagle.   Sometimes for reasons we may not understand nature has a wonderful way of balancing the good with the bad. Today was the eagles lucky day!   Magically and methodically the eagle swooped down for a much needed meal.

To witness this reminds us of the powerful forces in nature and the impact  of our actions.  Every ecosystem is connected. Mother Earth has provided everything needed for all to thrive.

At WestCoast we are mindful and grateful of our contribution to supporting you to grow your own food and medicine.   Everything we need is found in nature and within and part of a perfect system. 



That's all for this month, until next time…

Live Happy, Wealthy and Wise! Smiles your way!

Jose & Shelley-Aann (Brooklyne)

and the WestCoast Hydroponics team

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