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Hydroponics Newsletter September 2015

Hello again!
We are back and ready to share some fun things we have been learning and doing this past month.

Saving Outdoor Plants

It is getting that time to bring in any wanted plants indoors that you want to save for the winter without bringing in unwanted bugs.  Follow a few simple steps and your plants can thrive til next spring.  For plants in large pots think about spraying them down with an insecticide along with drenching the soil as well.  If your plants are smaller you may be able to dip them into a insecticide solution.  If pests are trying to escape from being buried into your soil consider when you are repotting them to place a piece of mesh on the bottom hole to prevent insects from entering next season.


LED Lighting

LED LightingWe do get a lot of questions regarding LED lights and as they have come a long way we are still cautious to purchasing. We have found so far that although we have had LED lighting in the store we are confident with them for the vegetative cycle and for side lighting but when it comes to flowering we still are not convinced.  Philips has come out with some LED's and being a large lighting outfit we felt comfortable in bringing in this demo for show.


New Pot Poppers

The all natural organic insect control which works on soil dwelling stage of fungus knats, root aphids along with thrips.  How they work is you take one of the packages from inside the globe and drop it into the soil when watering your plant the nematodes which are a biological control will release.  Treats 8×12'' pots or 8-10 square feet of gardens.  Mention this add for the month of October and receive 10% off.


Hydroponic Butter Lettuce

Hydroponic Butter Lettuce

Hydroponics 101 video on some hydroponics lettuce starting in Rockwool medium.  It is some great news for Hydroponic Lettuce Company who just won a contract to put hydroponic lettuce on grocery store shelves in Atlantic Canada.  Truleaf has spent 5 years growing and developing a system for baby lettuce greens.  The plants use LED lights and are irrigated with re-circulated water.  this lettuce keeps for weeks in the refrigerator without spoiling which was very impressive indeed. Very exciting when we can see this.




That's all for this month, until next time…

Live Happy, Wealthy and Wise! Smiles your way!

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