Controllers, Timers & CO2 Equipment

As your hydroponic project begins to grow time is harder and harder to find, thats why we offer a selection of Controllers, Timers & CO2 Equipment to help automate this as much as possible. At WestCoast Hydroponic Garden Shop we are constantly looking at new and innovative ways to improve or automate a system. If you have to go away for a few days and want peace of mind that everything will be in working order and thriving on your return, we carry a variety of different Controllers, Timers & CO2 Equipment and if we don't have the specific brand you're looking for we can special order it right to your door!

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The Matador C02 Controller monitors and controls consitant CO2 levels in the the range of 0 - 5,000 ..
CVR / Dutch Treat CO2 burner / generator Glow Plug Smart Valves - State of the art technology, elim..
15ft hose for c02 burner 2x female ends..
We recommend measuring CO2 levels periodically to ensure optimum levels of growth. This CO2 Test Kit..
CY1 Day & Night Periodic Timer with photocell Controls any 120Vac equipment such as pumps or fans o..
If you want to increase or decrease the speed of your fans motor as long as it is a brush type motor..
Intermatic 2-outlet Digital Timer Up to 28 on off times + or - 15min 7 day schedule A..
Innovative Grower Digital Cycle Timer Min 10sec to max 24hr settings Photosensor settings..
ExHale cultivates CO2 24 hours a day with no need to refill bottles or use expensive CO2 production ..
This revolutionary product mounts to the side of your Mondi Mini Greenhouse and reads temperatu..
CVR / Dutch Treat CO2 burner / generator Glow Plug Smart Valves - State of the art technology, elimi..
All propane and LP Gas applications require the use of a regulator. Because pressures in propane tan..
SCC1 CLIMATE CONTROLLER "The Simple One" Series An easy-to-use alternate solution to HTC Climate C..
2.5 amp plug in Variable speed control model # VS200 with a 1 year limited manufacturer warranty...
The KBWC-16K is a Distributor packaged Solid State AC Motor Speed Fan Control. It is designed for mo..
Intermatic T103 Timer 120V clock motor Industrial, commercial and residential application..
Industrial, commercial and residential applications Highest HP ratings in the industry up ..
TI040 Digital Timer 1.5 HP @ 120 V 30 A (resistive), 10 A (ballast) 2 HP @ 240 V 30 A (r..
The TN311 Heavy Duty Indoor Timer is ideal for automatically controlling air conditioners, personal ..
Intermatic Timer Heavy Duty Replacement Trippers For T103 and T104 timers 2 on and 2 off ..