Grow Systems, Tables & Reservoirs

Planning your Grow Systems, Tables & Reservoirs set up can be a chore and deciding how you want it done from the beginning can save you the headache of having to make changes to it once its up and running. With all of the different sizes of tables and reservoirs we are happy to help take you through the process and possibly show you some ideas you haven't even thought of. In-store we always have a ton of demos with fruits and veggies growing all year round in our indoor greenhouse. If you happen to be in the Kamloops area stop by and taste a fig, tomatoes, pepper or have some clippings of your favorite herb! You might even see a butterfly or two!

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Black food grade HDPE lid for 3 and 5 gallon ropak buckets..
The ACE™ Dimmable Digital HID Ballast is a state of the art electronic ballast that can be used with..
A Grow Light Garden is a nice compact easy to use garden unit that you could have in your kitchen sp..
Crack resistant with UV inhibitors • Cross drainage every couple of inches tables are 7inches deep..
The Foody automatic is very attractive, Stackable, and even Rotatable • Traditional Soil mix used ..