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Your hydroponic project has come a long way and if you're growing certain herbs and veggies they may require different PH levels and PPM levels which are vital for your plants health and growth. If you are growing without soil with many growing sites using the same reservoir for feeding it is recommended to correlate the plants together that require a similar growing environment.

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100w Green Incandescent Bulb..
We recommend measuring CO2 levels periodically to ensure optimum levels of growth. This CO2 Test Kit..
If you really want to know how thirsty your plants are this professional moisture meter with sensor ..
Range 0% - 100% HUMIDITY Range 0c - 40c TEMP Hygrometer is 3.75" WIDE..
Measure me measuring cups has universal and metric measurments with easy to read from the scale mark..
Advanced Nutrients PH Down is highly concentrated and used for hydroponically grown plants either in..
Arista Ph Pen -pH range: 0.00 - 14.00 pH - Accuracy: +- 0.1 pH - Resolution: 0.01 pH..
The GH Test Kit indicator can be used to test your solution PH Range between 5.0-8.5..
Advanced Nutrients PH Up is highly concentrated and used for hydroponic grown, sphagnum moss and soi..
Pump sprayer with brass wand and nozzle controlled by trigger lock   Graduated measurements on ..
SunBlaster's T5HO lamps produce a light of much higher quality than a conventional tube and, as a re..
Determine your days maximum and nights minimum temperature..