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Black Storm is a great way of improving your soil structure. It increases the buffering properties o..
8% off
Used during the flowering stage to promote beautiful blooms, Bloom Terra® contains essential mineral..
5% off
Protection for your carpets and floors. Place under pots to catch leaking water. Use with plants and..
15% off
Thermoflo 2000SR Flexible Air Ducting   Manufactured with triple foil laminate industrial g..
32% off
Neoprene collar / foam insert for ezclone or aeroponic systems..
15% off
Designed to for the demands of the nursery trade. Made form high strength resin that provides durab..
8% off
Combine Grow, Micro, and Bloom nutrients to achieve speciallized feeding programs for any type of pl..
2% off
Mesh/Net pots for hydroponic growing. Smaller mesh allows the grower to use virtually all types of g..
10% off
Rootech Cloning Gel™ is an exceptional and unique recipe containing a powerful hormone especially fo..
10% off
Silver Star 6 inch air cooled shade   Air Cooled Reflector -95% Reflective -99% Air Tight ..
20% off
T5HO - COMPLETE KIT Includes: Electronic ballast, 6400K lamp, power cord, jumper plug and mounting c..
20% off
Typhoon Cleanse removes all impurities from plants in the final stage of their life cycle. Using Typ..
7% off
Ultimate B Plus is another Innovative product brought to you by Innovating Plant Products. We have d..